Parse is shutting down,
shall I migrate to another BaaS
or Parse Open-sources offering?

image from TechCrunch

As Facebook announced it will be shutting down Parse’s service by Jan 28, 2017, thousands of developers would be thinking what to do with their Parse app. There are basically three approaches to handle the situation:

  1. Migrate to another BaaS (such as Firebase, Kinvey, etc)
  2. Migrate to the open source Parse server and self-hosted it on AWS/Google App Engine/Heroku
  3. Migrate to a managed open source Parse Server services such as

So which one better suits me? 

Two key questions to consider:

If I migrate to another BaaS like Parse, would it shut down just like Parse did? In addition, how much resources and time would I need to put into rewriting all existing parse code for the new BaaS?

If I migrate to the open-source Parse Server, how much resources and time would I need to reimplement missing features like Push notification and welcome emails? Also, how much resources would I need for server deployment and management?

Pros and Cons with a new BaaS (e.g. Firebase, Backendless, Kinvey):



Pros and Cons with open source Parse Server Self-Hosting (e.g. AWS, Heroku, GAE):



Pros and Cons with Parse Server hosting service (e.g.


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