Top 10 Parse Migration Guides Comparison

Facebook is going to shut down Parse in Jan 2017. In their official announcement, they encourage their users to migrate their data to a self-hosted MongoDB by 28 Apr 2016. By Jul 2018, they need to complete setting up a self-hosted Parse Server and releasing a new app pointing to it by 28 Jul 2016.

We have aggregated a list of Parse migration guides with alternative infrastructures for your reference.

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Official Guide

Parse - Migrating an Existing Parse App

The official migration guide from It provides you with a basic flow of migration. They are “Migrating your Parse database’ and “Setting up Parse Server”. A lot of the coming guides are built on top of the official Parse migration guide.


Migrating from Parse

Parse → mLab + Heroku mLab is one of the infrastructure providers suggested by Parse. They provide a step-by-step guide with screenshots and codes for you to transfer your existing Parse data to their MongoDB database. They have also prepared a detailed guide for you to deploy your Parse app on Heroku.

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Guide: How To Migrate Your Parse App To Parse Server With Heroku And mLab

Parse → mLab + Heroku

This is another step-by-step guide for migrating your Parse app to mLab & Heroku. It has 8 screenshots and goes into details on migration and deployment if you are unsatisfied with the previous one provided by mLab.


Parse to Heroku Migration in 5 minutes !! Server and Parse Database Migration Tutorial Parse → Heroku + MongoDB

What about if you just want to watch Youtube tutorial instead of going through lengthy text in the Parse migration guide? We have found a video that is for you too. Here’s a YouTube video presented by Touch Titans.


Migrate from Parse to NodeChef’s Managed Parse Server

NodeChef - Parse Server Guide

Parse → NodeChef

The above 2 links are the data migration guide and Parse server deployment manual from NodeChef.


Migrate from Parse to MongoDB Cloud Manager and AWS

Parse → MongoDB Cloud Manager + AWS Elastic Beanstalk

If you would like to choose AWS over Heroku, here is an official guide from MongoDB. It also has screenshots of MongoDB Cloud Manager.

How to set up Parse Server on AWS using AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Amazon launched a blog post for Parse users to set up Parse Server on AWS using AWS Elastic Beanstalk and MongoDB. This blog post has more details in how to launch AWS Elastic Beanstalk deployment than the MongoDB’s one (previous one). It will be the best if you reference to both of the posts.


Migrating from Parse Push to Amazon SNS

Finding new push notification providers can be a pain for Parse users. Amazon SNS is an alternative to Parse Push. Parse users who are looking for push providers can consider adapting it. This official blog post has listed the pricing and the steps of push migration for you.


Azure welcomes Parse developers

You can also check out Azure for both Parse hosting and push notification service. You can read the details via the above link.

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Complete Parse Server migration guide

Parse → MongoDB + Digital Ocean

Most sysadmin and developers might know about Digital Ocean which is a cloud hosting provider. Here is an unofficial manual on transferring your Parse app to MongoDB and Digital Ocean.


Parse community on Slack

There is also an Open Source Parse Community on Slack

You may try to find support there if you need. Yes, it’s kind of painful to migrate your Parse app, we are also here to help. We can migrate your app to your own server hosted by us so you would not have to worry.

Reminder: If you don’t a plan to migrate anything yet, you really should start today.